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There is a simple, legal, guaranteed way of making money at the bookmakers expense and it's called Matched Betting...

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Simply place a bet with a bookmaker and they give you a generous free bet. These free sign up bonus bets vary from £5 to £200 depending on the online bookmaker.  Simply deposit money with an online bookmaker, place a first bet, win or lose you then receive a free bonus bet.

It's so easy to make money using free bet offers from online bookmakers using  matched betting. This is a foolproof method to make money.  You simply play the bookmakers against each offer to guarantee a profit.  It sounds too good to be true, but it really is possible!

Simple guide to matched betting:
1) Register a new account with bookmaker 1 - e.g. Paddy Power £20 free bet

2) Register a new account with bookmaker 2 - e.g. Coral £20 free bet

3) Register a new account with bookmaker 3 - e.g. William Hill £25 free bet

4) Pick a rugby match or anything with 3 possible outcomes e.g. an American football game, football game, tennis match.

5) To qualify for the free bet you must place a minimum bet with the bookmaker, normally about £20. So you need to ensure that you bet at least £20 with each bookmaker.

6) This matched betting technique involves you betting on all 3 possible outcomes of the match. Ordinarily you wouldn't win any money because the odds are in the bookmakers favour, however with the free bets you are unlocking then you are guarenteed to win whatever the result!

7) You need to work out how much to bet on each possible result, i.e. home win, draw and away win. To do this take your stake let's say £40.  Pick the result that is most likely i.e. the shortest odds.  Times this by the odds on the home win (normally the shortest odds), so if it is 5/4 then your £40 stake will win £50 plus your stake back of £40 but you will lose on the away win and the draw.  Having worked this out you know how much to bet on the the other two possible outcomes, an away win and a draw.  Take the £40 potential loss if the home side doesn't win and divide this by the odds on the away win e.g. 2/1 giving you a stake of £20 required to win £40.  So if it is an away win you will win £40 and lose £40 on the home win.  Finally you need to place a bet on the draw, the odds would probably be 3/1 so place a bet of 13 on this.  

To summarise your position:

Home win - Bet £40 at 5/4 - if this wins you win £50 less £20 less £13 = £17 plus you unlock 3 x free bets!

Away win - Bet £20 at 2/1 - If this wins you win £40 less £40 less £13 = -£13 however you unlock 3 x free bets!

Draw - Bet £13 at 3/1 - If this wins you win £39 less £40 less £20 = -£21 however you unlock 3 x free bets!

As you can see, you may lose on the individual match you have bet on with the 3 bookmakers but the key is that you have unlocked your free bets with each of the bookmakers, with the above 3 bookmakers this would be £20 free bet from Coral, £25 free bet from William Hill and £20 from Paddy Power = a massive total free bets of £65 unlocked!  You can then do what you want with the free bets.

It's unbelievably simple and easy but it works - that's the beauty of matched betting!  Betting as it should be - risk free!

You can then go on and do this tactic with all the bookmakers listed on our website, and make hundreds or possible thousands of £ risk free.

Matched betting must be the only legal way to make such easy money.

Why do free bets exist?
Simple - online gambling is a massively competitive industry and the bookies are eager to gain your custom. Therefore they offer generous free sign up bets when you join.  These are designed to entice you to join. Using the bookmakers generousity to your advantage with matched betting allows your to extract these free bets for a GUARANTEED profit.

Sounds amazing, can I join more than one online bookmaker?
Yes, you can join as many online bookmakers are you want and claim your free bet from each bookie.  You can literally make £1000s by playing the bookies off against one another to and withdraw your free bets.

Are there any catches?
No, obviously you can only claim a free bet once with each bookmaker when you sign up for the first time - so they're not open to existing customers